Can You Be Immune to Botox?

Woman lying on field of dandelionsBotox in Cary, NC is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. Unfortunately, it does not work for everyone, and it is possible that your body may be immune to the injections. Though Botox comes with a variety of potential side effects, what can you do if it just doesn’t work?

Some patients may have success with their first few treatments, but over time develops immunity to the injections. Others appear to have no success after just the first treatment. Botox resistance can be frustrating, and the fact that some people can become resistant at all is not well known. Before this immunity was discovered, it was assumed that the product was not working due to improper storage or an error with the injection process. This resulted in many women spending a significant amount of money on a product that their body will unknowingly not accept.

Though the number of those who resist Botox is low, it is important to know that there is a chance these injections will not work. If you receive a treatment and don’t experience any effects that you were hoping to, talk to your doctor to help determine if your body is immune.

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Cosmetic Nose Surgery for Men

Handsome young manMore and more men are beginning to opt for cosmetic surgery in Durham, NC and it is important to know all of the necessary information, as the procedure, recovery time, and side effects differ between men and women.

Rhinoplasty can be performed on women from age 13 on, but men must wait until they are 15 to go through with this procedure. This is because women stop growing before men do and they need those extra few years to ensure that all of their bone structures have matured and fused.

Like women, many men find themselves self-conscious about the shape or size of their nose and consider surgery to alter their appearance. Below is the procedure for basic cosmetic nose surgery.

  • Depending on personal preference and the extent of the surgery, a rhinoplasty can be done under general or local anesthetic.
  • An open rhinoplasty is where an incision is made between the nostrils so internal structures can be accessed with ease. The patient may experience more swelling with this type of surgery
  • A closed rhinoplasty does not require an incision and tends to have quicker recovery times.
  • All incisions made during the procedure are done in a way that will minimize scarring and are commonly done inside the rim of the nostrils.
  • Operation time takes between one and two hours.

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Popular Plastic Surgery Trends of 2017

bodyPlastic surgery procedures have become more popular in the last couple of years and to meet the demand for new, innovative procedures, there has been an increase in the types of procedures offered. The following procedures are thought to be the most popular ones for 2017:

Non-Surgical Procedures

Many people want to enhance their looks but the thought of having surgery and dealing with the post-surgery healing period turns them off to going through with a procedure. However, there are many new beauty procedures that do not require surgery. There is CoolSculpting, body contouring, and other procedures that are non-invasive and leave minimal scarring.

Increase in Male Plastic Surgeries

Since plastic surgery is rising in demand and popularity, procedures that were originally thought to be for women only are attracting men. Men suffer the effects of aging just like women and as a result, they are now choosing to undergo Botox, Body Contouring, Eyelid Surgery, and Liposuction. One of the most popular male surgery procedures is gynecomastia, or breast reduction for men. Some men suffer from excessively large or sagging breasts and with a gynecomastia procedure; they no longer deal with anxiety or insecurity over their condition.

The stigma surrounding plastic surgery is slowly disappearing as more people choose procedures to enhance and correct their bodies. Find out which plastic surgery will benefit you and give you the beautiful results you’ve always wanted!

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How to Prepare for a Plastic Surgery Consultation

plastic surgery north carolinaDeciding to undergo plastic surgery is a life-changing event. By scheduling a consultation with your cosmetic surgeon, you are one step closer to achieving your ideal look. Before you go to your consultation, you will need to prepare. Here is a quick guide to help you get the most out of your consultation for plastic surgery in North Carolina.

Define Your Goals

You have scheduled a consultation with your surgeon, so chances are you have a clear idea of what you want from your procedure. Take the time to write out exactly what you are looking for from this specific procedure as well as your “Big Picture” goal. Making sketches or finding photographs online will also be helpful. The more accurately you can define your goals, the better your surgeon will understand and be able to help you accomplish your goals. Pay close attention during the consult – does your surgeon appear to be on the same page?

Research Your Desired Procedure

It is always best to do your homework before your consultation. Reading up on the specific procedure you desire will help you ask the right questions during the consultation. It will also make it easier to understand what your surgeon has to say about your specific procedure.


Wear Clothing that Can Easily Be Removed

If you are looking to get breast or body surgery, it is important to wear clothing that is easy to remove. Your surgeon may want to perform an examination to help them determine exactly what they can do for you. A button up shirt is best when getting a consultation for breast augmentation.


Organize your Medical History

Make a list of your current medications and a report of your health history so that the doctor will be better able to plan your procedure. The surgeon needs to be aware of any potential problems that may arise during and after the procedure.

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Three Things You Didn’t Know About Botox

botox cary ncFor many people, Botox is a fountain of youth – a way to smooth out wrinkles and keep you looking younger, longer. As a non-surgical procedure with few risks, Botox is an attractive option for those unwilling to go under the knife to achieve their ideal face. While most people are aware of this product and what it does, you may not know these three interesting facts about Botox:

You Don’t Have to Be Old

In fact, Botox works best when you start early. Most people see Botox as a way to reverse the effects of aging, but it is most effective when you use it as a preventative measure. Stopping wrinkles before they have a chance to really set in on your face will keep you looking young much longer than if you begin receiving injections after you start seeing significant wrinkles.

Botox isn’t Only for Wrinkles

In addition to keeping wrinkles at bay, Botox also as many non-cosmetic applications. Patients see amazing, and sometimes life-changing results when they receive Botox for conditions like excessive underarm sweating, migraines, overactive bladder, chronic pain lockjaw, and plantar fasciitis (heel pain).

You Can Extend the Life of Your Injections

To work, Botox uses enzymes, which in turn rely on Zinc to form. Taking a zinc supplement for several days before your Botox procedure and after can prolong the effectiveness of your injections. While Botox usually lasts around three months, you may extend that timeframe with the use of Zinc.

If you are interested in starting a treatment plan for Botox in Cary, NC, contact our specialists today to discuss your goals and options.

What to Know Going into an Abdominoplasty

Woman relaxing on the beachAn abdominoplasty is a fantastic way to get rid of excess skin and fat around the stomach. Though a tummy tuck sounds like the ultimate solution for many, it is a surgical procedure and comes with recovery times, scars, and sometimes complications. Before you go under the knife, below are a few things you should know before your abdominoplasty.

Plan for Recovery: The average recovery time for an abdominoplasty is at least two weeks. It is essential to prepare ahead of time for your recovery so you can rest, keep up with housework, and find child-care assistance if necessary.

Eat Well for Faster Healing: Before your surgery, prepare your kitchen with healthy, nutritious foods to eat during the recovery process. The healthier you eat, the faster your recovery may be as a diet full of grains, lean protein, and vegetables improve your immunity.

Prepare for a Scar: As with any surgery, a tummy tuck will also result in a scar across your abdomen. Though the appearance will fade with time, this scar may never entirely go away. Fortunately, the incision is made low enough that it is easy to hide for most patients.

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Top 3 Reasons Women Get Breast Augmentations

Woman in white lace bra holding flowersBreast augmentation surgery can be beneficial to many women, both medically and cosmetically. As one of the most common plastic surgeries in the country, women all over are choosing to undergo this procedure. When it comes to “why?” the reasons are endless, but here are the top three reasons why women opt for a breast augmentation in Cary, NC.

  1. Boost Self-Esteem

One of the main reasons why women undergo breast augmentation is to boost their self-esteem. Whether they are unhappy with the shape, size, or any other aspect, many women believe changing their appearance through surgery will help them gain the confidence they have been lacking. Breast augmentation can help breasts look proportionate, perky, and give women the fuller figure they desire.

  1. Weight Loss or Pregnancy

Another reason women might opt for breast augmentation is if they recently lost weight and their breasts no longer have a full, perky shape. This surgery allows them to have a fuller chest while maintaining the slimmer waistline and healthy weight they have achieved. Pregnancy can also cause a woman’s chest to droop, and breast augmentation helps them achieve their pre-baby body once again.

  1. Reconstruct After a Mastectomy

Women who have had a mastectomy due to breast cancer or other health conditions will find that breast reconstruction surgery allows them to regain a full figure. Not only does it include an implant, but also skin grafting and nipple/areola construction for a realistic appearance.

How to Find the Right Plastic Surgeon for Your Procedure

Woman preparing to perform surgeryWhether you’re looking to have a cosmetic procedure done or you’re in need of reconstructive surgery, finding the best plastic surgeons in Raleigh, North Carolina can be a challenge if you don’t know what to look for. When searching for the right plastic surgeon for your procedure, you want to make sure of the following:

Confirm they are board-certified: Though this one should be a no-brainer, it’s critical to ensure your surgeon of choice is board-certified. Legally, any doctor is allowed to perform surgery. By knowing that your surgeon is certified, it means that they underwent 3-5 years of training in general surgery, and 2-3 years minimum training in plastic surgery specifically.

Check their record: Even if a surgeon is board-certified, it’s important to check their record to ensure there have been no malpractice incidents against them. Many state licensing boards will list these judgments, as well as any disciplinary actions that were taken. Taking the time to research a surgeon can make all the difference between a fantastic and undesirable experience.

Don’t agree to multiple procedures: If you meet with a surgeon and they suggest a variety of procedures to be completed at the same time, be wary. Bundling procedures cause the risk factor to go up and unfortunately, many doctors are in it for the money alone. Focus only on the objective facts the surgeon is providing and don’t go into anything you don’t feel comfortable with.

Tummy Tuck Recovery Tips

Woman with a flat stomachA tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, can be an excellent way to remove stubborn belly fat for adults who have tried and failed to shed those last extra pounds. Though the results are fantastic and help many people achieve the body of their dreams, it’s still a surgical procedure and the proper precautions both before and after should be taken. Below are four tips on how to achieve excellent recovery and best possible results.

Stick to a healthy diet: Many people think they’ll be instantly skinny after a tummy tuck, but eating right still plays a significant role in your recovery and results. It’s crucial to be aware of what we’re putting into our bodies, and any cosmetic procedure will not change that fact.

Restrict physical activity: Our society is always on the move, but when recovering from an abdominoplasty it’s important to limit any movement that causes strain to the abdominal region. Light exercise is still encouraged, and patients can walk as much as they feel comfortable.

Plan ahead with your job: Many patients can return to work in about a week after a tummy tuck, but depending on the job, it’s recommended to plan accordingly. If you have a more physical job, it may be best to take more time off for recovery if at all possible.

Avoid constipation: Doctors will recommend that a patient starts an over-the-counter stool softener before their surgery, as the pain medications can cause some level of constipation. Doing so allows patients to be more comfortable during recovery, as their abdomen will be tender the first few weeks.

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The Most Common Plastic Surgery Procedures

Close-up of woman with red hairPlastic surgery has become increasingly popular not only in the United States, but around the world. With a variety of different procedures available, people can go under the knife for anything from a cosmetic nose job to reconstructive surgery after a serious trauma. Some procedures are more popular than others, and below, we’ve listed out the most common cosmetic procedures requested of our plastic surgeon in Raleigh, NC.

Liposuction: Many people suffer from being overweight and despite the switch to a healthy and more active lifestyle; it isn’t always easy to lose their desired amount of weight. Liposuction can help patients achieve the body of their dreams, as it targets all of those hard to reach areas and excess fat deposits.

Eyelid Surgery: Age and genetics can cause our eyelids to have a drooping, hooded appearance with which many people are unhappy. Opting for eyelid surgery allows them to reconstruct their lids to be more visually appealing. This surgery can also improve vision if the eyelids are drooping severely.

Breast Augmentation: Possibly the most popular of all plastic surgery procedures, breast augmentation is sought after by women of all ages. For a variety of reasons, women will request breast augmentation to enhance or enlarge their breasts, fill any deflated appearances, and correct asymmetry. This procedure can greatly improve a woman’s confidence, especially if their body is not the shape it used to be due to childbirth or aging.

Rhinoplasty: Both men and women can spend their whole lives dissatisfied with the appearance of their nose. Often, we can be born with noses that are crooked, bumpy, or too wide or narrow. Rhinoplasty allows us to repair the cosmetic appearance of the nose and even the slightest alteration can make a huge difference in one’s facial appearance.