Before and After Results from Cary Plastic Surgery in North Carolina

Everyone deserves to have a body they feel comfortable and beautiful in! Achieve your dream results with the services from Cary Plastic Surgery, the leading cosmetic surgery in North Carolina. With the help with one of the top rated board certified plastic surgeons in NC, Dr. Hanna, you can achieve the beautiful transformation you’ve always wanted.
Dr. Hanna makes it his mission to stay up to date on the latest technologies, procedures, and surgeries to ensure you get the results you want. From your consultation to the actual surgery and your recovery, Dr. Hanna works with you every step of the way. He wants to make sure you are comfortable for your entire surgery process.
Our patients have enjoyed dramatic results for a number of procedures from a breast augmentation in Cary, NC to face lifts! To see their successful results, please review the following pictures:


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Breast Augmentation

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Breast Lift


Breast Augmentation & Mastopexy


Breast Reconstruction

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Liposuction Abdomen

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Liposuction Outer Thighs

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Scar Revision of the Lower Abdomen


Contact our plastic surgeon to work with our team for your needs. Our plastic surgery procedures are designed for men and women.
To schedule your appointment with Dr. Hanna, the lead for board certified plastic surgeons in NC, give us a call at (919)233-1933 or (984)221-0403. We are proud to service most areas in North Carolina.