Facts About CoolSculpting Cont.

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In our last blog, we discussed some facts you should know about CoolSculpting. To learn more, please read on!

The Results Can Last If You Put in the Effort

Plastic surgery can help you achieve the looks you want but it is up to you to make the results last. Like any other procedure, if you want to keep the great results, you will have to make a change or maintain your healthy lifestyle. This means you should eat healthy and exercise regularly.

You Will Need To Give Great Results Time

CoolSculpting can give you amazing results but you need to remember it is not one of the cosmetic procedures that give instant gratification. You might need to do several treatment sessions to achieve the perfect look. Most patients see results in a couple weeks to six months.

You Might Need to Get a Lift

CoolSculpting focuses on removing fat from the body but it will not reduce excess skin or improve the elasticity of your skin. If you have loose skin in the treated area, you can consider a tummy tuck, thigh lift, or any other skin tightening procedure to get the look you want.


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Facts About Coolsculpting

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CoolSculpting is a great way to tighten up some of your problem areas, without the long recovery time of liposuction. It’s a minimally invasive procedure that has great results because it freezes the fat to destroy it. For some facts on the CoolSculpting procedure, please read on!

You Might Experience Some Discomfort

While CoolSculpting is minimally invasive, you might still feel some pain or discomfort. The device is sucks up the fat and when we work on your problem areas, you might feel pressure. There is also a blast of cold air that can feel unpleasant at first. Once the procedure is over, you will notice some swelling in the treated air but this can be massaged.

It Can Take Awhile

Depending on how many areas you want to get treated, your procedure can take an hour or longer. The more areas you want to target in your session, the longer it will take. A plus side to this procedure is that you will be awake and alert. You can see if you can bring a tablet or laptop to read or watch movies on to pass the time.

If you are interested in learning more facts about CoolSculpting, please refer to our next blog.

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Why People in Their 20’s and 30’s Benefit from Botox Cont.


In our last blog, we discussed the pros to younger people using our treatment for Botox in Cary, NC. For more reasons, please read on!

Stressful Lifestyles

In these modern times, people are not only constantly exposed to computer or phone screens, there is also a rise in stressed and high-paced lifestyles in their work environment. Working late nights or waking up early to get to your job usually means you are not getting the recommended amount of sleep, which results in unhealthy skin. Millennials, or the younger generation, also deal with high stress from trying to secure jobs and become more stable after college.

Save Money in the Long Run

With preventative measures, you can actually save money because instead of paying for expensive fixes later in life, you can instead invest a smaller amount of time and money now. Starting earlier means lower doses of Botox and visits to the doctor’s office are needed. It can also help stop lines from forming before they require a more aggressive and costly treatment like fillers, lasers, peels, or even surgery.


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Why People in Their 20’s and 30’s Benefit from Botox


Botox might seem like a cosmetic procedure only older people should or can get but younger people can benefit from our procedure for Botox in Cary, NC, too!

Preventative Measure

As we get older, we begin to lose collage in our skin and as a result, our skin begins to weaken, sag, and wrinkle. Collagen begins to disappear and stop being produced around age 20 and although we can’t see it, our skin starts to lose its elasticity.

Improve Your Mood

There are some studies indicating that Botox injections might help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.  There can be a lot of pressure for people to feel beautiful and have flawless features. Someone who is insecure about their facial features and experiences stress from social anxiety would greatly benefit from cosmetic procedures, such as Botox, to fix the things they do not like.

Rise in Modern Technology

With the rise of modern technology, most people have some form of a smartphone, television, tablet, and laptop or are exposed to these things regularly. The artificial light from these devices can accelerate the appearance of lines and wrinkles in your skin. With a treatment of Botox in Cary, NC from Dr. Hanna, he can help ease those premature lines.

Best Cosmetic Surgeries For Spring and Summer

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With spring coming, summer is quickly after so it’s the perfect time now to prepare your beach bod! Read on to learn the best cosmetic surgeries to get before the spring and summer season.


Liposuction is a great procedure if you have some problems areas that you want to touch up. It’s usually a supplement for other cosmetic surgeries such as a facelift, breast reduction or a tummy tuck. Common areas that liposuction is used on is the back, butt, arms, stomach, thighs, and chin.

Breast Surgery

A breast surgery can lift or enhance your chest area which makes it great for bikini or shirtless weather. If you want to enhance the size, you can choose from saline or silicone, depending on your preference. Men are also able to receive breast surgery, or a gynecomastia. This can tighten any loose, overdeveloped, or enlarged skin in the chest area and provide a more youthful look.

Tummy Tucks

A tummy tuck focuses entirely on the stomach area and it can remove excess or loose skin. It also strengthens weak muscles so that your entire abdomen looks smoother and firmer.


To look your absolute best for the spring and summer season, please trust in Dr. Hanna, one of the leading board certified plastic surgeons in NC.


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What to Expect From a Thigh Lift


With the springtime approaching, it’s time to start thinking about cute warm weather outfits like rompers, shorts, and skirts! However, nothing can put a damper on the nice weather than feeling uncomfortable in shorter clothing. At Cary Plastic Surgery, the leading office for plastic surgery in North Carolina, Dr. Hanna offers high quality thigh lifts that will get you the results you want. If you are interested in a thigh lift, please read on to learn what to expect from this cosmetic procedure!

The thigh lift procedure focuses on your lower body area such as your thighs, butt, and hips. Dr. Hanna, a board certified and experienced plastic surgeon in NC, will work to tighten any loose or sagging skin in your problem areas to give you a more youthful look. The procedure can also consist of liposuction to remove any isolated pockets of fat and small incisions can lift or reshape the tissue.

During the recovery period, you can expect to experience some moderate swelling for several months. The results will be visible several weeks after the surgery and are long lasting if you do not gain a significant amount of weight. With any cosmetic surgery, it is important you rest the suggested amount of time. At Cary Plastic Surgery, Dr. Hanna will be sure to explain all the necessary information you need during your first consultation and post-surgery.

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What to Expect from Your Facial Implant Surgery

girlA facial implant can enhance features such as a small chin, weak jaw, or lack of facial contour. This procedure can balance out the proportions in your facial structure giving you the gorgeous results you’ve always wanted!

What to Expect

When you first come in for your initial consultation with Dr. Hanna, one of the leading plastic surgeons in Raleigh, North Carolina, you can expect to be treated with respect and discretion. Our helpful staff strives to provide a comfortable space for you. Dr. Hanna will work closely with you to determine what your dream results are and discuss your health records, the reasons you want the procedure, and what to expect from the procedure. Once we’ve determined your health, Dr. Hanna will lay out the outcomes and course of treatment for the pre-surgery and post-surgery period.

Preparing for the Surgery Procedure

Dr. Hanna will instruct you for the pre-surgery preparation but here are some tips to remember:

  • Stop smoking: If you are a smoker, it is important you stop smoking at least a couple weeks before your surgery date.
  • Avoid aspirin: Aspirin and other anti-inflammatory drugs can potentially increase bleeding so you may have to stop taking them before your surgery. Please consult Dr. Hanna to learn more about whether you can take aspirin.
  • Prepare for post-surgery recovery: You will want to plan out your post-surgery recovery period from designating a driver to and from the plastic surgery office to taking off of work for some rest. You will also want to prepare yourself for potential skin irritation, bleeding, skin sensitivity, and more. If you are experiencing any symptoms that you are uncertain if they are normal reactions, please consult Dr. Hanna with your concerns.

If you are interested in scheduling a facial plastic surgery in Raleigh, NC, and nearby areas, please trust in Dr. Hanna, one of the leading board certified plastic surgeons in NC.


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The Dangers of Plastic Surgery Tourism

planeRecently, there has been an increase in people seeking to find cheaper plastic surgery procedure prices by visiting other countries. This is called plastic surgery tourism and while it might be successful sometimes, it is proving to be a dangerous new trend.

Plastic surgery procedures can get costly which is why people look for cheaper alternatives in places such as Costa Rica, Mexico, South Korea, Thailand, and more. These places do offer plastic surgeries for a fraction of price sometimes saving a person 90 percent.

Other reasons why people look into plastic surgery tourism is as follows:

  • They want plastic surgery procedures that are not offered in America
  • The idea that medical care in other areas is a higher quality than America
  • They can use the time away as a cover for their plastic surgery procedure
  • They hear about a skilled plastic surgeon in another country

If you are considering plastic surgery tourism, the most important thing you should do is to research the surgeon and area you are considering. If you cannot find a lot of information on the surgeon or the place where you are looking at, you might want to reconsider another place.

Plastic surgery tourism can be more expensive than just having the procedure done in America. If the surgery goes wrong, you can end up paying double the price to have it fixed. There is also a potential that you can become very sick if the doctor does not use sanitary tools. Other reasons plastic surgery tourism is not a great idea are as follows:

  • Issues with communicating: if you are not fluent in the language that the surgeon and his helpers speak, you can have a really difficult time understanding what he/ she is saying and vice versa. This can lead to surgery complications, incorrect procedures being done, and more.
  • Low quality medication, medical tools, etc.: receiving a medical procedure in another country can be very complicated because you also do not know their regulations for medication, medical tools, rules for sanitation, etc.
  • Difficulty in finding out qualifications: In the U.S, you can easily determine the qualifications of any surgeon by checking their board certifications and disciplinary records. However, finding out a surgeon’s qualifications overseas can be more difficult because there are not many international organizations that provide verification.

In the long run, while plastic surgery tourism seems like a great idea that will save you money, it can end up costing you a lot of money, promote health problems, and potentially leave you with negative long term consequences.


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The Surgical Procedures You Should Get Before the Holidays

girl with presentIt’s the holiday season which means a lot of parties, reunions, and other social interactions. Since you’ll be seeing a lot of people, you will want to make sure you look your best! Read on to learn which procedures you should get before the holidays:


A liposuction procedure works to break up fat and remove it from problem areas. The usual areas that this procedure is done on are the neck, chin, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms, back, and calves.

Tummy Tuck

This procedure focuses on your abdomen by improving the appearance and removing excess skin and fat. The muscles in this area are pulled tighter and stitched to pull the internal organs in.

Nose Job

A nose job, or rhinoplasty, can reshape your nose to your desired size, length, etc. A nose job can be a cosmetic surgery but it can also help people who have difficulty breathing.

Breast Implants

This is probably the most common procedure that is performed. You can enhance the size, shape, and fullness of your breasts. There is a choice between saline and silicone breast implants. If you need help figuring out the best one for you and your needs, please consult with Dr. Hanna.


Botox is a great way to freshen up your face and makes it more youthful and refreshed looking. It is also a quick process and does not require any downtime.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers will plump wrinkles, smooth any scars, lift tissue, and restore volume to areas near your eyes or cheeks.


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Saline versus Silicone Breast Implants

black braIf you are considering getting breast implants from Dr. Hanna, one of the leading board certified plastic surgeons in NC, you are probably wondering what the difference between saline and silicone filled implants are. Read this blog to learn more!

Saline and silicone breast implants both have a silicone shell but they differ in material and consistency.

Saline breast implants are filled with sterile salt water and are inserted into your body empty. Once they are properly positioned, Dr. Hanna will then fill them. They are usually less expensive and can be adjusted to your desired size. This offers a wide range of options for implant diameter and size. Saline breast implants also can sometimes leave shorter scars than silicone ones. Also, if they rupture, you will know right away and the saline solution will be absorbed by your body, usually a harmless process. However, some people believe that saline implants do not feel as natural as silicone ones. Saline implants are recommended for women 18 and older.
Silicone breast implants come pre-filled with silicone gel. Because of this material, silicone breasts feel and look more natural. They also have less of a chance of wrinkling or rippling which make them a great choice for post-mastectomy breast reconstruction. Silicone is also lighter than saline and as a result; there is a lower risk of sagging or drooping breasts from gravity. One thing to note is that silicone breast implants can break and unlike a saline implant, silicone implants can have a “silent rupture”. Because of this, you may have to get regular MRIs to ensure the implants are in good condition.

Both implants have their advantages and disadvantages so it really is a personal preference. If you have smaller breasts that you want to enhance, you may want to go with silicone so it looks more natural. However, saline is less maintenance in the sense that if it does rupture, you will know immediately.

If you are interested in breast augmentation in Cary, NC, please trust in Dr. Hanna, the leading plastic surgeon in NC.

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